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Support local game devs and the Stl gaming community this September

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September is a great month for locals into games, specifically those made by St. Louis developers. Two projects not to miss include a local game in need of help, and a one-day gaming and game development festival.


Hive Jump


Graphite Lab, headquartered in West Port Plaza, has put its game “Hive Jump” through the gauntlet of Steam Greenlight and has almost met its Kickstarter goal. With only 55 hours left in the fundraising campaign as of right now, they are about $5,000 shy of the $50k goal.

“Hive Jump” pits you and your team against waves and waves of aliens in a strong sci-fi setting. It features online and local co-op, fast-paced combat, procedural generation, upgrades, and dynamic lighting that makes you go “daaaamn, that alien looks sexy on fire.”

If you want to grab “Hive Jump” for PC/Mac/Linux or Wii U, consider backing the project on Kickstarter, or at the very least keeping up with the studio on Facebook.



PixelPop Festival

Billed as a “one-day festival celebrating gaming, game development, and music,” PixelPop festival is taking place on Sept. 13, 2014 at Webster University in the East Academic Building. Local game developers, musicians, and enthusiasts will be on hand to host panels, game demos, competitions, and a really impressive lineup of fun and educational activities for all. This is for anyone interested in games, so you don’t have to be tech or art savvy to enjoy the event.

Show up as early as 9 a.m. to get registered to attend. The cost is $30 a person, and events begin at 10 a.m.

If you’re not sold yet, check the schedule to see everything the event planners have lined up for attendees.

pixelpop festival

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MC Frontalot, Dr. Awkward and Corn Mo @ FUBAR STL on August 22, 2014

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MC Frontalot, Dr. Awkward and Corn Mo @ FUBAR STL on August 22, 2014

Catch MC Frontalot, Dr. Awkward, and Corn Mo at FUBAR in St. Louis for their local stop on the “Question Bedtime Tour.”

MC Frontalot will be performing some songs from his new album, “Question Bedtime,” which is described as being based on “incredibly well-known and obscure fairy tales from across the globe.” If you can’t wait to hear them, you can sample the album here and even preorder it for instant access to a digital download.

For more background on Dr. Awkward and Corn Mo, check out the tracks below to get a sample of the styles that will be melding on the Question Bedtime Tour.

Info on the show is posted below. Consider preordering tickets so you can’t back out of going to the show you know you don’t want to miss!


Fri. Aug 22, ’14 St. Louis, MO   8:00 PM
3108 Locust St (map)
tix online
with Dr Awkward, Corn Mo


question bedtime tour mc frontalot dr awkward cornmo

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Thanks for the nerd love, Mega Ran, Brentalfloss, and Danimal Cannon

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total destruction tour st louis star clipperDespite being a huge homebody, I emerged from my cave last night (3/5/2014) to catch a show at Star Clipper. I was only kinda familiar with Mega Ran, but I knew shows like this didn’t happen often in St. Louis.

I don’t know any words to his songs, but I’m no stranger to Mr. Ran. All my friends love him, I caught half his set at last year’s Nerdapalooza, and one of my favorite DJ RoboRob remixes is of his song Mako Reactor. I’ve read interviews and artist profiles by my heavily geeked-out friend, and listened to a long interview he gave on My So Called 8bit Life. Despite all this, I had never sat down and listened to his music at length. As I sit and reflect on the reason “why,” I realize it was probably something as stupid as associating his name with the residual RAGE and DESPAIR inside me from my experiences with Mega Man games. *deeeeeeeep breath* Anyway.

My I-can’t-miss-this instincts were right, and ultimately the show turned out to be one full of laughs, true feels, and an ambiance of camaraderie.

I arrived to catch the back end of Danimal Cannon’s “chiptune, guitar shred, metal” set. The music was pretty chill for having a metal edge, but I may just find chiptunes abnormally soothing. Since I arrived late and can’t properly give Mr. Cannon the accolades he deserves, here is his bandcamp, where you can listen to his music and buy all of it if you love him.

Next up was Brentalfloss. He’s another pretty big name in nerd music that I had just never given the attention he deserves. If his set at the show is indicative of his catalog, I can assume that much of his music is Nintendo-based. The first song was an anthem to the Duck Tales NES game, which was prefaced by a funny recap of the show’s premise, in case anyone in the room was born after 1990 (holy shit, that show ended in 1990… excuse me while I go knit hats for my grandkids). Yes, Scrooge McDuck wore a tophat and no pants, and we loved him despite his abhorrent human characteristics. He also managed to go to space with no special equipment and battled moon creatures with his pogo stick cane.

Other songs on the set list included a song about DS streetpass life and a song called 2-2 Blues, which likened the search for love with the despair of water levels in Super Mario Bros. Side note: fuck water levels.

In an epic use of crowdsourced Mad Libs, the finale of Mr. Floss’s set left everyone’s gut aching. With such adjectives as “ghreazy” and occupation suggestions like “fluffer,” the resulting song had no choice but to become a hilariously immature rendition of “Piano Man.” I believe one of the biggest laughs came from a line about something sounding “like a fart.” Normally I’d look around to make sure no one realized I am five years old, but that feeling was fleeting and I laughed away.

Finally Mega Ran set up his instruments: a laptop, a Famicon, and a single speaker. The lack of equipment needed for a whole night of music of nerd music always impresses me.

After the gut-busting and inappropriate offerings of Brentalfloss, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Mega Ran. I knew his music was game-based, and I knew he was a funny dude, but I also knew he was one of the less-crude (at least publicly) personas in the genre. I have also always been somewhat intimidated by authority figures, so knowing about his past as a school teacher left me feeling like I might get in trouble. Instead, he opened with a story and a song about how he used rapping to get his 7th grade classes to pay attention. This was apt, as I spent his set kinda feeling like a pupil in Ran’s school of life.


Many of his songs are based on games like Mega Man and Final Fantasy VII, which is such an eargasm for people who have a special place in their hearts for those games. Having only played enough Mega Man to rage, and having only played the demo disc of Final Fantasy VII, I enjoyed the backstories, beats, and lyrical flow of each of the songs  he performed, but I didn’t ultimately relate 100%.

The song that got to me the most was Dream Master. Second to the SMB library, the game I spent the most time playing as a kid and teenager was Little Nemo: Dream Master. The game does an amazing job at giving off an ethereal vibe that really struck a chord with me. The lyrics to Mega Ran’s take on Dream Master are very autobiographical, with a few lines dedicated to how games gave him an escape and ultimately led to him becoming Mega Ran. While I didn’t grow up to be a rapper or a leader dedicated to providing a positive influence, the ethereal worlds I experienced as a kid were an immense influence on who I grew up to be. Hearing his life story and knowing that games have such a universal effect on those who need a place to escape really made this a poignant inclusion in the set. Plus, Little Nemo has some of the most beautiful music I’ve heard in an NES game.

As is the highlight of any of his shows, Mega Ran did a freestyle for us. The audience held up random items and he crafted entire verses on things as random as lip gloss, keys, his own albums, and the random clothing accessories of the audience. He even attacked my phone’s NES controller case and rapped out the Konami code.

Songs about his lost love, Splash Woman, and a touching fulfillment of a fan request for his song “Best Friends” filled out the set. The latter is a damn good representation of the reputation Mega Ran has in the “nerd music” world. From what I’ve seen and heard, he’s a truly big-hearted, intelligent, and caring dude who is appreciative of both is fans and musical peers. I don’t know if I would have ever heard this song or understood its message he hadn’t performed it live, so thanks to the fan who requested it.


Thank you to all of the dudes who brought the Total Destruction Tour to St. Louis. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say thank you for thinking of us and letting us have the kind of experience we can’t have with a CD or by following a Facebook page or YouTube channel. Also, thank you to Star Clipper to opening your doors for meaningful gatherings like this.


Got pics of videos of the show? Feel free to share them in the comments or show love to Star Clipper by posting them on their Facebook page.

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Got deep pockets? Get pictures with your favorite stars April 4-6

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670px-6.28.13JasonDavidFrankByLuigiNovi10You’ve likely heard that the second St. Louis Wizard World Comic Con is taking place April 4-6, 2014 at America’s Center. If you’re like me, you may have missed the huge list of celebs who will be on hand for photo ops [tickets available here]. I’m not even that star-crazy of a person, but the thought of getting a picture with Amy Pond just made my wallet jump out of my bag of its own accord.

If you’re still toying with the idea of meeting your favorite character from your favorite iconic show, here is the full list (as of now) of people who will be available for pics (at a price, of course). If I did shell out the cash, I’d have to spend a lot of time deciding between Adam West, Jason David Frank (my childhood need to meet a Power Ranger would be fulfilled), or Karen Gillan. In my dreams, Sir Patrick Stewart and Matt Smith would be added to this list, but oh well – there’s still a good offering.

Pick your poison from the following:

  • Adam West
  • Alan Tudyk
  • Allison Mack
  • Adam West & Burt Ward
  • Bruce Campbell
  • Burt Ward
  • Chris Jericho
  • David Della Rocco
  • DMC
  • Eliza Dushku
  • Nathan Fillion, Glau & Tudyk
  • Jason David Frank
  • Jason David Frank (In Green Ranger Suit, Saturday Only)
  • Jon Bernthal
  • Milo Ventimiglia
  • Nathan Fillion
  • Lou Ferrigno
  • Ralph Macchio
  • Robert Knepper
  • Sara Underwood
  • Sean Astin
  • Sean Patrick Flanery
  • Allison Mack & Michael Rosenbaum
  • Summer Glau
  • Karen Gillan
  • William Shatner

Photo: Luigi Novi [CC-BY-3.0 or CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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Free Premier Screening of A Dungeon Master’s Guide to Life

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If you’re not busy this Saturday, August 24th, head out to MX Movies (618 Washington Avenue, 2nd Floor, Saint Louis) for a free screening of a “A Dungeon Master’s Guide to Life,” made by St. Louis-based Brimis Entertainment.

Free Screening of the latest feature length comedy from Brimis Entertainment ” A Dungeon Master’s Guide to Life.” 

Film starts at 11pm And drink specials start at 9pm with $2 PBRs and $3 rum and cokes. Open to the public as part of the MX filmmakers showcase.


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Ecto Con

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The first Ecto Con took place in 2012, and the organizers — the same people behind Kawa Kon — are bringing it back for 2013.

The convention will take place at the St. Louis Hilton at the Airport on November 22, 23, and 24.

The event is geared toward Ghostbusters fans, and it is a small event, with only 75-200 attendees. There will likely be group events, panels, vendors, fan tables, and live music.

Keep up with the con through the official website and Facebook page.


Photo from the Ecto Con facebook album for 2012 — more pics here

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Geekway to the West

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The year 2013 marks the ninth year of the Geekway to the West boardgaming convention in St. Louis. In 2013, this four-day event will take place from May 9th to the 12th at the Westport Sheraton.

The main draw of the event is the hundreds of games available to play.  You can check out games from a game library, and you can enter to win every game you play. If 86 hours of tabletop gaming paired with a massive amount of giveaways and prizes sounds good to you, check out this year’s event. If you happen to miss it, keep up with the convention to stay up to date with future events.





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